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With record amounts of political contributions across the country, our team has been working all year to collect, aggregate, and input all of the data into our unique database.

In doing so, we''ve used up a lot of our resources. And at the end of this month, we''ll be closing the books on our 2020 end-of-year fundraising.

Right now, our numbers aren''t where they need to be. If we''re going to get back on track, we need your help to hit our mid-month benchmark of raising $2,500.

Can you help us reach our critical mid-month goal by chipping in right away?

Your gift allows us to support our small staff, conduct research, establish partnerships, and continue providing you with pertinent campaign finance data at no charge.

People often forget about off-year elections, but we still have plenty of work ahead of us for 2021. I''m getting worried that if we don''t catch up quickly enough, we''re going to start the new year behind, which means we''ll need to scale back on critical resources.

Please rush a contribution right now to help us hit our mid-month goal by tomorrow''s urgent deadline >>

Thank you for keeping us running,
Edwin Bender
Executive Director of National Institute on Money in Politics

Thanks for reading this. Clearly, you''re interested in following the money. It costs more than $2 million a year to provide these verifiable facts about money in politics. Do you know we simply give it to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? How often does that happen elsewhere in your life?

Please donate. You''ll help us keep democracy transparent!

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