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Check out all our summer-related coverage…

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Summer is well underway, which means roofing contractors around the country are busy completing jobs they started or sold in the spring, and are beginning to build out the rest of their annual schedule. RC takes a closer look at some specific articles to help make this your best summer as a roofer yet!

5 Ways to Succeed in Storm Season

The man who wrote the 'book' on how to monetize and maximize storm season opportunities for ABC Supply Co. shares best practices on how ensure a successful storm season.

Summer Spray Foam Maintenance

An SPF expert shares a Florida case study that guides roofing contractors on how this growing segment of the industry can enhance their business model.

How Roofers Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

RC's safety columnist Chip Macdonald breaks down how roofing contractors can keep their cool during the hot summer months.

Fact vs. Fiction: Metal Roofs in Hot Weather

The Metal Roofing Alliance dispels the myths about hot weather rooftop performance when it comes to metal installations.


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