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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Franchise.

Hello Jon, 

For 25 years and have been trusted providers to the franchise and business opportunity community.  Operating in conjunction, the Network provides access to 2 top portals and utilizes present day best practices in digital marketing to find new owners for franchise systems. 

  • Potential buyers are targeted by extensive SEO efforts and PPC search campaigns, App stores, social channels, and ongoing intelligent email marketing / remarketing. 
  • All leads verified before delivered to you. Every lead submission is subject to a review process that combines name, phone and email scoring to verify the quality of the contact information. 
  • We offer fair flexible Month-to-Month Cost Per Lead (CPL) Programs for National or Geo-targeted exposure delivering candidates who specifically request information on your opportunity.
  • Optional text/call now feature after prospects inquire designed to get them quick access to reach you directly.
  • Our proprietary Lead Contact App (Franchise Insights) is available to all customers at no charge.  

Why and

Franchise buyer behavior continues to change, and we’re committed to serving your need for quality leads by serving our audience with a great “search, research, connect” experience – on any device and screen size. 

  • 250 companies trust us to advertise their brands. 
  • Top organic search placements, extensive paid search campaigns, and we're fully optimized for mobile devices
  • Ranked in top positions in the Apple and Android mobile app stores
  • Real-time, direct-response leads only – no warm, recycled or generic leads.
  • We are Franchisor Friendly, and require brokers to obtain 3rd party authorization if they seek to use a brand for lead generation.
  • 36% of leads request information from 1 company - YOURS!  57% of leads are 2 or less requests.  Average Inquiries per Candidate is 2.8.   
  • All Advertisers receive direct links to their website from our ad pages delivering highly qualified visitors to YOUR SITE!
Our Audience:

Please take a moment to view our Media Kit
  • 70%+ visit our sites on a Mobile device.
  • Most are 25-55 years old, skewed 60/40 men to women.
  • 32% Millennials, 37% GEN-X, 28% Boomers.
  • Known buyers complete the sales process in <120 days.
Getting Started:
  • We define your CPL program, set a monthly budget cap, and execute our month to month agreement.
  • Upon receipt of an executed agreement, we charge a small deposit that is returned on your final invoice. 
  • We handle all creative development which includes logos, ad copy and up to 9 images or videos (YouTube only) to promote your opportunity.
  • Revise or approve your landing page, go live, test leads submitted to ensure delivery process and we're off an running!
  • Typical time frame from agreement execution to live activity if 2 - 3 days. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration and I look forward to following-up with you soon and hopefully working together.

Best regards,

Matthew H. Bogart | Senior Client Consultant Network
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Date: 12/07/2019 12:17 PM  

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