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Do you know what kind you are?

Hi, Matthew!

I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people in the world—those who go after it, and those who just sit at home and let life pass them by.

Yet, I don’t think it is quite that simple—especially for women!

Get my planner now

Given all the tasks that we have to do, just to stay afloat—things like take care of our families and our homes, get dinner on the table, keep our finances in check, keep up at work, manage multiple schedules, stay on top of pick-ups and drop-offs, and all those things we’ve committed to—finding the time to “go after it” can feel like an impossible task.

But what if it wasn’t impossible?

What if there was a way to truly “go after it,” and still keep track of all those other things that had to be done too, to set and accomplish BIG goals without losing sight of the little things?

That’s exactly what the Living Well Planner® was designed to do.


You see, as a mom AND a small business owner, a person who cares about taking care of things at home AND about going after those big dreams, I couldn’t find a planner that would help me do both. When I really started looking, I realized that there were work planners and blog planners and goal planners, as well as home planners and budget planners and mom planners, but no WHOLE LIFE planners.

And I refused to accept the idea that caring about your home life AND achieving big goals and dreams are mutually exclusive.

Why can’t we, as women, do both?

And so, since I couldn’t find the planner that lets me do both, I decided to create one instead. A planner that would help me organize my time, manage my finances, plan my meals, keep track of projects, and help me CRUSH my goals, all in one place.

Since 2015, it has done that for me, and thousands of other women too.

And it can definitely do the same for you.

Right now, during our Semi-Annual Sale, you can take advantage of our best price of the year on the Living Well Planner. Plus, as an RSO Insider (yep, that’s you), you ALSO get free shipping in the continental US when you use your secret promo code RSOFREESHIP at checkout.

But here’s the deal–you can’t wait on this, for a couple of reasons.

First, due to production limitations, we only have a limited quantity of planners available this year, which means that we WILL sell out, even faster than we have in the past.

Second, this exclusive free shipping promo code expires in just a few days, on July 16th. And I know you don’t want to have to pay for shipping (because let’s face it–who does)?

Matthew, it IS possible to crush your goals and create a life you love, even in the midst of a never-ending stream of responsibilities. This is the tool that will help you do it.

Get my Living Well Planner now

That’s all for now—have a fantastic evening!

xoxo, Ruth

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