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Hi Mason, 

Thanks for signing up for our monthly emails! We're excited to share with you all the amazing ways people are using FrogTape® to update their homes, offices, and more.
Creative Painting Ideas

You'll regularly get tons of creative painting ideas to help inspire your next project! Take a look at some of our favorites below.

1. DIY Confetti Wall
2. Black and White Tables
3. Make it Geometric



Make the most of your paint with our pro painting tips. You'll find everything from how to pick the right brush to painting the perfect lines. Just take a look at these helpful tips!

1. How to Paint Stripes
2. Picking the Right Tools
3. Prepping the Room


FrogTape Products

When there's something new coming to the world of FrogTape®, you're in the right place to hear about it first! Learn more about our tapes below.

1. Multi Surface
2. Delicate Surface


32150 Just Imagine Dr. • Avon, OH 44011 • United States • Click here to unsubscribe.

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