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G2 Grid for Customer Success

See how vendors rank based on customer reviews

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An unbiased, scientific aggregation of customer reviews and third-party market data for customer success software

If you're even thinking about thinking about customer success software, this document will be invaluable. It's all about showcasing real experiences from real customers—their wins, their challenges, the strengths and weaknesses of the platform—you'll see it all. Download this report to get:

  • The Fall 2019 G2 Crowd Grid visual
  • A deep dive into the methodology behind the scoring process
  • The Grid scores that determined each vendor’s placement
  • Side-by-side feature comparison
  • Additional data including customer segments, ROI, and more

How WeWork Trains Account Managers At Scale

Expanding the Account Management team by 5x in 12 months? Getting them onboarded in one week? Doing it all for a global, distributed workforce? Sounds pretty scary! Join WeWork's Senior Lead of Growth Operations, Brian Goodliffe, on Thursday, October 31 at 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET), and learn how WeWork solved these problems and others, including:

  • Training the team on major updates, releases, and changes and overcoming low engagement to do it.
  • Communicating minor changes in process and technology to the various teams as they became relevant.
  • Tracking the impact of training and onboarding activities.
  • And more!
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