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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to gameglass.

Re-designed Shards, 20% off sale, and a special update.

We''re 1 year old!

12 months ago we launched GameGlass.

It''s been an incredible journey, and we''re only just getting started.?

To celebrate we''re giving you 20% off?Shards and Glass Pass, plus a chance to win a super rare?LIFETIME Glass Pass. Oh, and one of the awesome Virpil Alpha joysticks.

We''ve also prepared a little something for you. Part development update, and part roadmap for where GG is heading. Check it out...

Star Citizen - New Shard designs

All our Star Citizen Shards are being re-designed with a super fresh new look that better fits with the game, while providing more functional clarity.

Here''s a preview of the new Flight Shard.

These new designs are part of a complete re-thinking of how you navigate between?Shards and games.

Save 20%

Save on Glass Pass and all our Shards.

Lifetime GG?!

Way back in the day, we offered lifetime access to EVERYTHING on GameGlass during our Indiegogo campaign. It was one of the most popular perks.

These are intended to be ultra-rare, but we thought celebrating our birthday was a good excuse to give some away.?

Every day, for the next week, we''re giving away 1 LIFETIME Glass Pass.?

To be in the draw, either buy a Shard, or be an active Glass Pass member. You can also find a bunch of ways to enter for free here.

Where are we going?

It''s true, we suck at release dates.

Rather than continue to guess, we''re going to maintain a public development roadmap on Trello. Now you can poke us when your favorite new Shard or feature isn''t moving.

We''re on a magical journey with you.

We have a huge vision for what we want to create, and we''re so grateful you''re along for the ride. We can''t wait to create more incredible gaming experiences in year 2.


The GameGlass team.



Birthday giveaway terms and conditions here.

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GameGlass - 8 The Green Suite #8110 Dover, Delaware 19901
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