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Dear Samuel,

Whilst anyone in Australian Tourism would applaud any stimulus to the industry, yesterday's announcement by the Australian Government is, not surprisingly, all wrong.

Tourism Operators need stimulus today, next weekend and over the next couple of months. Not next year ... now.

Australian Tourism operators cannot wait for some marketing campaign to be created and functional and where the main beneficiaries will be the advertising agencies and media outlets, Australian Tourism operators need results today, next weekend and go from there,

Yesterday's Australian Tourism Bushfire Relief Stimulus is all wrong, the stimulus should be immediate tax deductions for anyone purchasing accommodation for holidays at home between now and June 30.

Immediate tax deductions for anyone purchasing accommodation for holidays at home will mean people taking up a holiday next weekend whilst school holidays are still in play.

How much will this scheme cost?

    1. The government will foot a tax revenue loss of 30 to 40c in accomm dollars spent by individuals.
    2. They will, as a result, see a GST return of 10c per dollar spent. They will also get a return from the operators of 30c on
    3. profits plus staff working as a result of the stimulus will also pay tax or draw down less on social security.

      In that way an amount of $76 million will go a very long way funding thousands of accommodation holidays.

Timing is everything. The cash flow urgency is now. I fear that the proposed campaigns wont turn around the international market before next Christmas, and in any event I am seeing evidence that things will return to normal by that time anyway and you cannot squeeze much more imto the marketplace at that time so minimal change to annual turnover.

The holiday at home tax incentive has many positives.

    1. It provides the opportunity for immediate demand.
    2. Treasury Revenue lost will be offset in part by minimizing loss of operators, reduced staffing.

I urge every Accommodation operator to get involved today, visit the facebook page and join the petition at CHANGE.ORG. Time, is of the essence otherwise the bureaucrats will without industry consultation have their way and we will struggle through to next summer, here is you chance to be full next weekend.


Glenn Smith

Holiday at Home 
Thredbo Accommodation & Reservations
Discover Thredbo
PO Box 149 THREDBO  NSW 2625
PH. 02 64 577365

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