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September 29, 2020

Hey Jon,

Are you ready to get serious about growing your nonprofit so it's making a bigger difference in the world?

Maybe take things to the next level so your brand is all buttoned up, everything looks great, and people comment on how professional things look?

Ready to double (or triple!) the amount of money you raise before year end by using a few key strategies?

Then come have a look at our brand-new program called Next Level Impact. It's a unique offering of coaching and done-for-you services that gets a few things off your plate (like your 990 and graphic design) and helps you get ALL your plans in place and customized for your needs.

You get to be part of a very small group of like-minded people led by caring coaches who truly want to see you win!

It's not for everyone -- only those who meet the criteria. Check it out, and if this is for you, fill out an application.

- Sandy

Ideas for Thanking Major Donors

Your best donors can help you reach your fundraising goal fast but if you're like most, you need some fresh ideas for thanking major donors.

We all know that a crucial part of nurturing donor relationships is thanking our donors!


And while every single donor deserves our gratitude, our major donors deserve a little something extra.

Major donors can become your bread and butter. If you take good care of them and make sure they have a great experience giving to your nonprofit, they'll keep giving --making fundraising easier (and more fun!).

It's so important to let them know that they are needed, appreciated, and recognized.

Major donors are just like everyone else; they want to feel valued. So, all our efforts in thanking major donors need to deliver that.

So, how do you thank major donors well? Especially without spending a ton of money?

Click here to read the entire article

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