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It''s OK. When I show this a seminars, everyone thinks it''s easy... until I make them change one little detail.

Front scales and back scales are basic gymnastics positions that are deceptively simple and much more difficult than they look, if you do them right. To me, they''re a great example of how correct technique makes all the difference. You can do a crappy scale all day and get nothing out of it, or you can learn it right and build very strong legs, with full control over your entire range of motion.

If doing it right sounds like the best bet, check out this tutorial

Why would you want to practice these? We often get questions from people who experience knee pain when doing squats or other leg exercises, and scales are one of our most common recommendations.

The scales strengthen the legs while the knees are fully extended (not flexed like they are in a squat), so while also helping you improve your mobility and balance, they strengthen the muscles around the knee. This helps relieve those niggling pains you might feel in certain movements.

But the scales do even more than that, and I''ll show you how to use them to assess your sticking points. They also help you lay the foundation for many physical skills, including single leg squats and pirouettes, which are that basis for a lot of aerial and acrobatic skills.

Check out the scale tutorial update

Check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks for being part of the GMB Posse.


PS - We''ve updated our GMB Trainer directory so it''s a lot easier to find a trainer. If you can''t find someone local just yet, as always, our programs can be done anywhere.

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