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COVID-19 Reflections & Resources
Executing Strategy through Uncertainty
Hi Liam,
First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. 

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the Catalant team has rapidly shifted to working remotely, communicated best practices to the experts and firms in our Expert Marketplace to protect their and our customers'' safety, and partnered with customers to ensure that their strategic work stays moving. We''re also doing our part to help not-for-profit organizations on the front lines of helping those affected by the coronavirus. 

As in less turbulent times, our consistent north star is delivering maximum impact to our customers. We continue to invest in transforming how the largest companies in the world execute critical work, especially onboarding new accounts and configuring them for immediate value. 

As we forge through uncharted public health and economic uncertainties alongside our customers, we''re observing that - although current operating conditions continue to unpredictably evolve and leaders across industries face unprecedented challenges - a few things are common. 

The most important work must go on.
Even as organizations seek to keep costs down and adapt to working remotely, critical strategic work must continue. Although workforces may have tools to collaborate remotely, like Zoom and Slack, what's difficult - and even more at risk right now - is the lack of alignment between the work that's happening remotely and an organization's key objectives.

Flexible access to strategic capabilities is more important than ever. Traditional consulting firms aren't right-sized for the work many companies need right now, and can no longer camp out in clients' offices for the foreseeable future. At the same time, organizations still need similar capabilities - and results - to keep the business moving. There are also many capabilities now needed that were never needed until recently. Organizations must be able to flexibly access people with strategically important capabilities - and, in many cases, temporarily - to successfully navigate these times.

Visibility enables operational clarity to navigate uncertain times. Most enterprise leaders have minimal visibility into what work is being executed, whether the work that's happening is moving forward, what value the work is driving, who's doing the work, whether those people are the right people for the work, and whether those people are engaged and productive. The uncertain times workforces now face only exacerbate this problem. Orchestrating critical work - and aligning the workforce - calls for a centralized way to provide real-time visibility across a remote, distributed workforce.  

As a result, we''re witnessing an influx of coronavirus-related projects. As you adapt your strategy execution to navigate these uncertain times, please know that Catalant is here to help.

In the meantime, below are links to resources you may also find relevant or interesting right now. 

All the best,
Pat Petitti
Co-Founder & CEO
Rob Biederman
Co-Founder & CEO
COVID-19 Resources
eBook | Cost Management in Uncertain Times
[eBook] Rethinking Cost Management in Uncertain Times
Current uncertainty is compelling leaders to increasingly focus on raising productivity, driving efficiency, and keeping employees engaged. At the same time, they must also maintain their ability to rapidly access, allocate, and reallocate resources to unexpected innovations and growth. 

Complimentary Download
eBook | The 7 Keys for Creating an EPMO
[eBook] The 7 Keys for Creating a Strategic Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO)
Did you know that 70% of executives express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action? It's not surprising given the highly distributed nature of organizations today. Now more than ever companies need visibility into all resources to ensure strategic alignment across the board.

Complimentary Download
LinkedIn Pulse - Pat Petitti
[LinkedIn Pulse] The Coronavirus Will Change How We Work Forever
The quarantines, travel restrictions, site shutdowns, and supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus are accelerating a massive change in how we work. The larger the organization, the more important it is to...
LinkedIn Pulse - Rob Biedermman
[LinkedIn Pulse] What Comes Next
We're entering very uncertain times, as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on thousands of businesses and employees. Even before the current crisis, the business world was rife with disruption - as companies like Airbnb, Postmates, Uber and others...
Digital Workplace - COVID-19
[Blog] Remote Work is a Huge Challenge for Companies. It''s also a Huge Opportunity. 
As companies respond to the COVID-19 virus by encouraging employees to work from home, thoughtful management can minimize disruption and create new opportunities for front-line workers...
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25 Thomson Place

Boston, MA

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Catalant helps companies organize strategic work, access and allocate the people needed to do it, and track progress against what they set out to achieve.

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