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Grand Lux Cafe Sign Up Information

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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Grand Lux Cafe.

Hello Daniel!


Thank you for considering the Grand Lux Café for your Special Event.


The Grand Lux Café offers internationally inspired cuisine served in an elegant but relaxing setting. Created by the founders of The Cheesecake Factory and inspired by extensive European travel exploring Italian trattorias, French bistros and the grand cafes and pastry shops of Vienna.


Grand Lux Café’s menu spans the globe, with lavish dishes that feature seductive flavor profiles and world class cooking techniques.  Popular dishes include Crispy Caramel Chicken, Indochine Shrimp and Chicken, blending Chinese and Indian Flavors.  Fresh Seafood, wood-fired Certified Angus Steaks, Braised Pot Roast and Miso Glazed Salmon.  For a grand finale to your meal, Grand Lux Café has an in-house bakery, where desserts like Warm Butter Cake and Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies are served warm, right from the oven.


Grand Lux Café’s décor can be described as lavish, with sumptuous fabrics and textures and polished marble floors and table tops.  Hand blown glass fixtures and intricate mosaics evoke a feeling of whimsy and individuality.


We are proud to offer one Private Dining Room and 2 Semi-Private Rooms as well as the Patios and Bars at The Grand Lux Café Venetian and Grand Lux Café Palazzo. We did not receive a date or time, so availability will depend on that.


Palazzo Grand Lux Café Private Dining Room

The Private Room at the Grand Lux Café Palazzo is simply beautiful.  The room will seat up to 80 guests for a Seated event and 175 for a Standing Reception event.


Palazzo Semi-Private Area

The Semi-Private area has natural lighting from the windows facing north. The Semi-Private Space will seat up to 52 guests


Venetian Grand Lux Café Semi-Private Room

The Semi-Private Room at the Grand Lux Café Venetian will seat up to 120 guests for a seated event and 200 for a Standing Reception event.  With groups of 25 – 40 we split the room in half.


All three areas use the same Private Dining Menu.


For a seated dinner, The Food & Beverage Minimum is $1250.00 plus tax and service fee or $42.00++ per person, whichever is more.


Grand Lux Café Venetian and Grand Lux Palazzo Patios and Bars

Both spaces will accommodate up to 200 for a Standing Reception and 100 for a seated event.

The Food & Beverage Minimum for the Patio & Bar is $6000.00 Plus tax and service fee.


Please review the attached information and let’s choose a time to chat live or please send us an email with any questions you might have.


We look forward to working with you.






Chelsie Kesjaral

Sales Coordinator

Grand Lux Café

The Cheesecake Factory

Phone: (877)236-0870

Direct: (702)414-3883


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