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Hello Harper,

Welcome to TestRail! We’re excited to have you experience our test case management solution used by thousands of the world’s best teams.
To confirm your new account at, please click the following link:
Confirm Trial Registration
Our free online training course is a great way to get started with web-based test case management. The short videos cover everything from setting up test suites and cases to integrating with tools such as JIRA and generating reports.
I also recommend registering for our free monthly webinar, Starting to Test with TestRail. In about an hour, you’ll learn how to set up a testing project, create good test cases, and tie it all together with milestones and test runs. Each session includes live Q&A. If you’re unable to attend the live session, by registering, you’ll get a link to watch the recorded session at your convenience.
If there's anything we can do to make your TestRail experience a success or if you have any questions, please let us know by simply replying to this email. We’re happy to help!
Kind regards,
Lara Gill
Team Lead - Customer Success