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Thank you for joining us. We started the Salvation membership site in 2008 as a means to reach, educate, and motivate. Until then our output was free and subsidized by other jobs. Collecting membership fees allowed us to focus on research, practice and communication. The recent years of teaching and testing led us to develop this new site, which is light years ahead of where we began - and that is what we ask of ourselves and our members: to constantly evolve. And to integrate what you learn here into your own life.
     When you read an article in the Knowledge section don't simply follow the rules or ideas being discusses but adapt them to your own circumstance. Do the same when you choose and use a training plan: execute the work, of course, but think about it as well. Log your training and the outcome. Notice what works and what doesn't. Notice how you are changing, and not only physically. Step back, look for the overarching thesis, and apply it outside of the gym.
     This is the real value of the work we all do in the weightroom. We use physical and psychological stress to learn the lessons. To learn about ourselves. Then take that knowledge into the wider world. The ideas and rules and behavior are human therefore universal and surely not specific to the means we use to learn them, or the environment within which we do so.

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Gym Jones


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