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Pets & Coronavirus
by Dr. Dodd, BVSc, MSc

We’re waking up every day to a new world, with information and insecurities we’ve never experienced before. Everyone has been affected by this pandemic in a different way, but there’s one thing we all share as pet parents, and that’s a concern for our furry friends and how to keep them safe.

Both dogs and cats have tested positive for COVID-19. In Hong Kong, 17 dogs and 8 cats that were living with COVID-19 infected people were tested, and 2 dogs (who were asymptomatic) tested positive. One dog tested positive but no live virus could be cultured, though the virus was cultured from the other dog. This, along with some pre-print findings regarding experimental infection in dogs, suggests that the virus does not survive well in dogs, may not be very transmissible between dogs, and does not cause disease in dogs. One cat tested positive as well, but also was asymptomatic and not shedding the virus.
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