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Today''s video lesson explains why people lie.
...but the lesson is powerful.

Lying is a defense mechanism, and some people need it to survive. (Or at least they think they need it.)
play video now

If you have it, your unconscious mind thinks you need it... or did at one time in the past. But, do you need it now? Do you really have to lie in order for improved survival? Should you get rid of the lying loops in your handwriting...or keep them?

Should you choose "lying loops" as one of your first three traits to change as part of your Change Your Life in 30 Day Grapho-Therapy Workbook?

How should you handle seeing this "trouble trait" in someone you love? Naturally, it all depends on the person''s living situation and personal goals. Plus, it isn''t our job as grapho-therapists to make everyone perfect or get rid of everyone''s negative traits, based on our own biases.

Here is today''s video, but keep reading this short note, as it gets even more interesting....

Recently, I was chatting with one of the over 250 newly certified graduates in Bangalore, India and he told me this: "Have you ever noticed that during the 30 day Grapho-therapy book... lying loops show up and other defense mechanisms suddenly appear out of nowhere?"

Ha. Yes, I have. That is part of the subconscious''s reaction to your overt attempt to change it. Resistance. When you put more order in... frustration often blows off. Resistance often shows up both in your handwriting and in your life.

Doesn''t your house get messier, as you re-organize it to make it cleaner?

So, just keep with the program and finish every page of the Change Your Life in 30-Day handwriting journal. It has been newly designed and it is more fun to use ... thus people are doing it for a second and third time in their life.

Read more about our best-selling 30-Day handwriting journal here:

Thanks for being a member of our handwriting family.

President of Handwriting University International

P.S. Are thinking about become a Certified Handwriting Expert?

"In less than a month after changing my handwriting the way Bart suggested, things started to happen. I got rid of an abusive boyfriend, got better grades, and met my fiance. That was six years ago. The changes have helped me accomplish two degrees and a wonderful relationship. As a bonus, it was easy."
- Christian Chrane, Dallas, TX

"This course has helped me personally understand myself clearer and helps me see areas of my personality that need changing. I am fascinated with what makes a person act the way they do so this can give me great insight. I LOVE THIS COURSE! I believe it is totally worth the money. In fact, I believe you should charge more. You can''t put a price on the information you present and the effects it can have on people."
- Jody Miller, Sugarland, TX USA

"Bart , I want to take a moment to tell you how handwriting analysis has helped me. The biggest impact has been the increased understanding I have toward other people. I deal with a lot of gender gaps in my career as a female engineer. I have gained wonderful insights to my co-workers and what makes them tick.
In my new job...I can get to know my new co-workers on a different level. It has made it much easier for me to adapt to a new environment of ups and downs [than] before. Now, everything is good. New job, new engagement, new plans, big future. Thank you for your help, time, and support."
- Angela Deatrick

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:
Bart Baggett Publishing - Handwriting University -
15233 Ventura Blvd
Floor 5
Sherman Oaks, California 91403
United States
(310) 684-3489
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