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Hey Jon, 

In the last mail, we discussed about how to implement ad refresh and we closed off on a note that Google may not be the best choice for ad refresh. 
So, today, we''ll discuss about : 

Lesson 4 : Best Option to refresh ads

Now that you know Google offers ad refreshing, it's time to look into the next option.

b. Sell-Side Platforms:

As a publisher, you might be working with an SSP to run header auctions (If not, you should). At present, a few SSPs help publishers refresh their ads with the help of proprietary technologies. Similar to Google, they can refresh ads by measuring a set of on-page factors and browser events.

So, you can either partner with them [Sell-Side Platforms] or implement ad refresh with Google.

Remember we said Google isn't the best choice for ad refreshing? Here's why:

With Google, you can refresh ads based only on the triggers. And, that won't work for many publishers. Let's say your users stay on an article page for 3 minutes (avg.). Clearly, you can't utilize user trigger and event trigger in a typical article page. So, refreshing ads based on time interval is all you have left. This has proven to be ineffective for both publishers and advertisers.

How so?

The ads are being refreshed without considering many other factors. Even when the user isn't active on the page, ads will keep on refreshing after a minute. This means the likelihood of a user engaging with the ad is minimal. So, depreciated CPMs for publishers.

On the other hand, SSPs let you refresh ads only when the user has given an opportunity to view and click the ad. They do it by measuring various page-level events including scrolling, ad placement viewability, and other user activities. For instance, ads are refreshed when an active user has seen the ad for 60 seconds.

We''ll take a look at the best practices in the next email. Stay tuned!

    Rasheed Ahmed,
    Technology reporter & Digital marketer,

Automatad, 154 Grand St., New York, New York NY 10013, United States
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