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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Health4You.

Enjoy great features that will help you save time and money.


The Team at Health4You is delighted that you have joined our website community.

As a Member, you get access to the following:

- Monthly member updates.
These updates include new products & services, special offers, events, recent customer reviews, new & updated businesses information and the most popular businesses in your area, matching your location and categories.

- Special offer and event alerts.
We will immediately notify you when special offers or events become available in your local area.

- Exclusive partner offers.
Our industry partners will occasionally have offers, events and giveaways near you. We will send them through as they happen.

- Contacting local businesses made easy.
When you’re logged in and contacting a business, your details will automatically appear in the applicable fields.

- Share your experience with other members.
Only Members can review businesses. You can share your experiences with other visitors and help them make an informed decision.

In order to receive tailored updates please select your preferences using the link below:

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You can also log in to edit your password at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Kind Regards,

The Health4You Team

About Health4You
Australia’s leading online marketplace for health and fitness
56,000+ listings | 175,000+ leads | 595,000+ visits
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Health4You is owned and operated by The Digital Company. Our mission is to connect customers and businesses via our online marketplaces. Please visit our website for information.

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