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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to HitsViral.

So Isabella I'm going to show you the exact system that I've
been using for years to build huge mailing lists that get huge

I'll provide you with all of the tools you need to get rolling
and you'll be totally charged with energy when you see just how
easy this system really is to put into action.

So Isabella Click Here To Join Instant squeeze page generator

main news

Don't forget the square banners are promoted through
out the AKH media sites

Special Credit Deals

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for those that read our newsletter...

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Thought of the day

People react differently to the same message presented
in a different way, you want to hit as many sweet
spots as possible.

So When your writing ads splash pages or PS Get good
at stating the same thing in a few different
situations or a few different ways from a few
different angles.

Bonus Webinars

The affiliate funnel and knowhow guys webinars are
joining forces, Marci will still be doing
saturday calls as normal .

BUT the knowhow webinars will now be presented by
myself Josh and Marci. With new times and days.

In each webinar we give you updates on whats working and
whats not, how to get better reults and tips and tricks to keep
you ahead of those that dont attend the webinars.

So be sure to tune in to both presenters, and get ahead of the game.

New webinar room link is,knowhowguys

New webinar schedules are...

Every saturday with Marci at noon EST

Every 2nd saturday of the month with Marci Robert
& Josh at 2.30PM EST

Not sure what that means in your timezone?
World Clock

Did you Know

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You can add, update, and remove banners from your account
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Everyday Essentials...

How do we make it a no brainer that everyone will want
to surf at hits viral... Simple...

If you surf 25 pages (or more) everyday I will promote
your Hits Viral affiliate link throughout our network
of AKH media sites including The Global Ad Store co-op

NOTE: GAS currently delivers hits at a rate of 130k a
day across 122 different traffic exchanges

Every 25 pages surfed doubles your viral traffic
score, so surfing 75 pages a day increases your viral
promotion by 3, so your affiliate link will get shown
3 times more than someone who just surfs the bare 25
pages per day

Its a win win... you surf for traffic and we help you get
free referals so you get 5% credit over rides on every
member in your downline just for surfing.

So please login now and start surfing and look for the
viral power pages every 25 page views

Thanks for listening

PS: Did you know as an upgraded member you can change
the members area to promote your products and service
and not ours

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