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Welcome to the HRI February newsletter.

Welcome to the February Newsletter!

This month, we answer your common questions about bushfire smoke and heart health, and help you create a balanced meal as well as manage any sleep problems.

We’d also be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced “stiff heart failure” (HFpEF). Our scientists are investigating this increasingly common form of heart failure and are looking to raise awareness of it. If you would like to share your story, please email or call 1800 651 373.
Please feel free to share this email and follow our social media through the links at the bottom, to ensure you always see our latest articles and tips.
You can also support our life-saving research here.
What makes up the ideal plate in a balanced diet?
Creating the ideal meal as part of a balanced diet can be tricky, but being aware of portion sizes and ways to manage them can help. Here are some simple steps for creating a balanced meal.
Managing sleep problems
Sleep is when the body and mind can rest and recover, but many people regularly suffer from sleep problems. Here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
What is heart failure?
We’ve all heard about heart failure, but how common is it, and what are the symptoms?
Bushfire smoke and heart health
Dr Rahul Kurup, researcher at the Heart Research Institute as well as specialist cardiologist, answers your common questions about bushfire smoke and heart health.
Gifts in Wills
Gifts in Wills, both large and small, play a vital role in funding crucial research at the Heart Research Institute. They provide a lasting contribution in advancing our fight against cardiovascular disease, creating a legacy that will help others for generations to come.

The Heart Research Institute   |   |   1800 651 373 

Heart Research Institute, 7 Eliza Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
If you do not wish to receive further communication from the Heart Research Institute, please click here. We respect your privacy – for more information please read our Privacy Policy. Thank you.

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