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Dear Jacob,

We would like to invite you to our next webinar, Business Ethics in Action: bringing core values to life in a time of crisison Wednesday 22 July at 12:00 BST.

Once a set of core values has been established, how can an organisation make sure that they are not just 'nice to have' or a PR exercise, but they are truly meaningful for employees?

This is particularly important in times of perceived uncertainty, when some very difficult decisions have to be made at all levels in the organisation. Being able to bring an organisation's core values to life effectively can improve clarity and consistency in decision-making across the business.

By looking at what can influence people's behaviour and decisions, this webinar will examine what are the things to take into account and the most effective ways to translate value words in practice.

How can organisations ensure that their core values are more than a set of words on paper? What are effective ways to communicate them to employees? Stella Chandler (Director of Development at FocalPoint) and Laila Page (Purpose Implementation Manager at Natwest/RBS), in conversation with the IBE's Head of Research Guen Donde', will address these questions and provide real life examples based on business practice

If you have questions you'd like us to ask the panel please email them to

We hope you can join us.

Many thanks,

IBE Event Team

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