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Hi Amelia,

Does your company need a shield against inappropriate and harmful content? Are you operating with exponentially growing user generated content? Are you evaluating different moderation options?

Free Webinar: Content Moderation for UGS

Join our Co-founders Georgi and Chris on July 7, 11:00 am EST to hear how Imagga Content Moderation Solution will help you solve this pain. The use cases we'll cover include: dating platforms, live-streaming, travel & accommodations, kids safe content.

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Product Recommendations for E-Commerce

How do you approach building a product recommendation engine? This blog post walks you through the approaches available for building this type of functionality for your e-commerce website.?

Read the blog post

How to Use Imagga Visual Search

In this article we'll put Imagga API for Visual Similarity Search to use with a demo that you can try yourself. The technology allows you to add a bunch of images to a visual search index, and then query it, using unlabeled pictures.

Read the blog post

Content Moderation for UGC Guide

Why is content moderation so hard? Which companies need content moderation and what are the pros and cons of the different options. A detailed guide including statistics and an infographic.

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