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oin the International Meteor Organization The International Meteor Organization welcomes both amateur and professional meteor enthusiasts to join our international organization and we strongly encourage all of you to actively contribute to meteor science as an observer, educator, researcher or student affiliate. No matter what your level of experience with astronomy or meteor observing is, if you have an interest in meteors and want to learn more, join the organization and become part of the fascinating Meteor astronomy. Every registered user gets a profile page on the IMO website. Members moreover receive the bimonthly journal WGN. In the first year, a new member enters the IMO as an associate member who enjoys all privileges of membership, except the right to vote and to hold office. However, your candidacy for voting membership will be submitted to the General Assembly at the next available opportunity, and this will normally be granted.

Welcome to International Meteor Organization! Looks like it`s your first time visiting the site! Take a look below. We will help out and let you know what you can do to get involved. First, please upload a picture of yourself: it will help the IMO community to easily recognize you through the site.

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