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Prefectures   Dropdown Okinawa prefectures

Article 3 (Member registration) At the time of member registration, users should input the true and accurate data about the user themselves in the descri ption item column of the member registration page on this site, and send it to us. The Company will review the content of the matters registered by the users on the member registration page and decide whether or not to grant membership. The application from the user who does not meet the service purpose of this site may refuse the grant of the membership qualification. In addition, those who run the real estate business, those who have a residential land building business license, those who run a job posting business, or those who are similar to these are not granted membership qualifications. We have not received any offer of objection to our decision regarding the grant of membership for any reason. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 3, if the user does not enter accurate data at the time of membership registration or enters data against the fact and performs membership registration, the Company will give notice. We will cancel the registration of such members and prohibit the use of this service in the future. Article 4 (Change of registration items) If there is a change in the information entered in the member registration, the member should promptly access the member registration change page on this site to change or correct the registration. We will not be liable for any damages caused by the members in violation of the preceding clause. If a member violates the provision of paragraph 1 or if the Company judges that there is a possibility of a violation, the Company will cancel the member registration of the member and prohibit the member from using the service for the future. Shall be able to ◆ Article 5 (ID and pass word) We will assign members the necessary ID and pass word to use the services for members. In addition to managing the ID and pass word described in the preceding paragraph so that the third party does not know the member, the member shall be responsible for preventing plagiarism of the ID and pass word. The responsibility of the activity performed using ID and pass word considers the ID and pass word to be the responsibility of the assigned member, and we do not take any responsibility. The ID and pass word shall be available only to the relevant member, and shall not be transferred or lent to a third party. Article 6 (Interruption of provision of this service, etc.) The Company may temporarily suspend the operation of the Service without prior notice or consent to users if any of the following items apply: [1] When maintaining or changing the specifications of this service [2] When natural disasters, incidents or other emergencies occur or may occur, and it becomes difficult or impossible to operate this service [3] When the Company deems it necessary to temporarily stop the operation of the Service due to the operation of the Service and other reasons. Even if the operation of this service is temporarily suspended due to the provisions of the preceding paragraph and the damages to the users are caused by this, we do not take any responsibility. If the Company deems it necessary, it may change the content of the Service at any time without prior notice, or may suspend or discontinue the provision of the Service, and provide all or part of the Service. Even if there is a delay or interruption in the above, we will not be liable for any damages incurred by the user or third party resulting from this except in the cases specified in this Terms of Use. ◆ Article 7 (our responsibility) Although we strive to deliver reliable services and information to users in this service, we do not guarantee the following items at all. Before using this service, you must use it at your own risk, judging the usefulness of the information and services provided. [1] All information provided on the Service (This service and all information etc. contained in the link site managed and operated by a third party displayed on the Service. , Etc.), etc., availability, suitability, completeness, accuracy, safety, legitimacy and recency etc. [2] In the case where the user negotiates with a third party or applies for or enters into a contract, etc., using the information provided on the Service, all such acts. [3] The Services, and the products, services, information, etc. that can be obtained through the Services should be appropriate to meet the user`s wishes or expectations. [4] There shall be no failure, error or failure in providing this service. [5] E-mails, web contents, etc. sent in connection with this site do not contain harmful things such as computer viruses. We can modify, delete, add, abolish, etc. the contents of this service at any time, at its sole discretion, without any guarantee that the existence or identity of this service will be maintained. Hmm.

An email has been sent to your designated address from Please check your incoming email. Registration is complete if you can access the "completion page for registration" by clicking the URL link described in the email text .

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