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Webinar: FDA’s Regulation of Cannabis Products, Including Hemp-CBD
February 13, 2020 -- 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern Time
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Senior Advisor for Policy Sharon Mayl will provide Food and Beverage Industry Alliance (FBIA) members with an overview of the agency's regulation of cannabis products, including CBD products. FDA continues to explore potential pathways for various types of CBD products to be lawfully marketed, but has stated that it cannot conclude that CBD is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), due to a lack of scientific information supporting the safety of CBD in food. FDA has also maintained that CBD is prohibited in conventional food products because substantial clinical investigations were initiated and made public on CBD prior to it being in the food supply.

AHPA is a member of FBIA so this webinar is free to AHPA members.

  • FREE for AHPA and FBIA members
Sharon Mayl
Sharon Mayl is the Senior Advisor for Policy to the Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response at FDA. In this position, Mayl serves as the foods lead for cannabis issues at FDA. She also oversees and manages significant policy initiatives related to food safety with a focus on implementation of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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