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JS Insurance Sign Up Information

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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to JS Insurance.

JS Insurance Affiliates System


Dear Jon,

Your request to become an affiliate has been accepted. Below are the rates that have been set for each insurance type.

Travel Insurance :

10 %

Mobile Phone Insurance :

£5 Per Policy

Affiliate Administration

To monitor your sales and view statistics on your performance, there is an affiliate administration system. Here you may choose banners to display on your website and change your details.

Please use the following link to enter the Affiliates Admin system

Your username and password for this are displayed below.

Affiliate Code :


Password :

Getting Started - Link to our websites

Now you are ready to start receiving commission for sales made through your affiliate code.
To do this you must place a link onto your website with your unique URL. Below are the codes you need to do this.

Travel Insurance

<a href="">Travel Insurance</a>

<a href="">Computer Insurance</a>

<a href="">Student Home Insurance</a>

<a href="">Car Breakdown Insurance</a>

Mobile Phone Insurance

<a href="">Mobile Phone Insurance</a>

Please note that in most cases it is best to use the text link as opposed to banners as they are usually more affective in creating sales.

However, if you do wish to use banners you may find them complete with the appropriate html code by logging on to the Affiliate Administration System and clicking on the banners button on the menu. Choose the website that you wish to link to and click on the different insurance types to view the text links and banners available.

You will also see the option for viewing banner statistics in the Administration System. You can get real time stats on the number of page views and the number of visits from each banner.

Invoicing Us

Payment for affiliate sales are made for the previous month(s) on the 15th of each month. Please note that a minimum commission of £50 is required before you can invoice us. For more information click on the invoice button on the affiliate administration system.

To invoice us simply use the online invoicing system located in the administration system. Here you will see all previous invoices and any pending invoices awaiting payment.

Any sales that have yet to be invoiced can be claimed by clicking on the create invoice button and entering your bacs information for your account. You can also choose to be paid by cheque if you would prefer

Contacting Us

If you have any questions please contact us:

Tel: 01273 773 017
Fax: 01273 773 422

Thanks and Regards,
The JS Insurance Team

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