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Hi Oliver,

At Kingdom Advisors, we believe that knowing what questions to ask a client is key to unlocking the conversations that will facilitate life impact. The goal of making deep and lasting connections can be realized through exploring shared values.  

Here are three discovery questions that will uncover your clients’ past, current transitions, and passions. 

Question #1: “Where are you from and what was money like growing up?”
This question gets at the heart of their story and seeks to reveal the blueprint for why they make the financial decisions they make. 

Question #2: “Is there anything happening in your life, right now, that could have a major impact on your financial future?”
This will deduce opportunities, plans, challenges, family dynamics, extenuating circumstances, transitions, etc. You can then help insulate them from harm that might result from decisions made in times of chaos.

Question #3: “If you already had all of the money you ever wanted, what would you do differently?”
This will help you understand how to avoid defining your client by a number. Being rich is defined by having passion and purpose in our lives, so this question will help you understand what drives your client at this level. 

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