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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Lamex.

Dear Sir / Madam,


Thank you very much for your trust in Lamex. Our Sales Consultant or Customer Service Representatives will contact you very soon.


Lamex is a proud member of HNI Corporation, the 2nd largest furniture company in the world. For nearly four decades, Lamex is one of Greater China’s leading manufacturers and marketers of a full range of office furniture solutions. Our design philosophy is to create beautiful and functional products that contribute to a healthy and productive working environment.


Lamex’ network covers Greater China and the rest of Asia Pacific. Having all these under one roof enables Lamex to provide inspiring workplace solutions that blend global design trends with local tastes and preferences. For more information of Lamex’ network, please click here.


If you need other supports, please call the service hotline in your area,


Mainland China                      (86) 800 820 6073

Hong Kong & Rest of Asia   (852) 2828 6000


Again, thank you for reaching to Lamex. We deliver high standard pre/after-sales service anytime anywhere.




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