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Hello LI reader,

Welcome to Lighthouse Insights and thank you for subscribing to the newsletter

About LI

Not sure if you know about Lighthouse Insights(LI) but it's my job to help you. Before LI turned into a startup in 2011, the blog ran on for a year. After running for 7 years, I decided to close down the startup but only to pick it up after a year.

I have recently updated the “About Lighthouse Insights” page, you can read more on the journey so far. 

Stories on LI

LI started as a blog reviewing social media campaigns. Today I only focus on stories that excite me and will give value to your time. Digital has been my focus over the years but I will explore beyond marketing. Quality is the focus and not quantity. So you will have 2-3 stories max on the portal. 

Some of the recent stories that you might want to check:

  • Why brands need to think like a publisher (article link

  • Why are Instagram and Facebook removing likes (article link)

  • How regional is defining India’s future (article link)

Every Monday I push out a newsletter with the stories and bit of conversations. I push the second one (Tuesday/Wednesday) for those who didn’t open the newsletter on Monday. That’s all. 

Things you should know

  • I don’t get paid or take money for the stories 
  • No news, press releases, and interviews
  • No native/sponsored content
  • No awards/events
  • I value my readers time and data

How do I make money

  • I don’t make any money from the blog (Google ads are pennies)
  • I will update this if in future I am making any money from the blog 

You can also hire me as an Independent Consultant

  • Consultation on digital strategy & audit

  • Training on digital and content marketing

  • Speaking opportunities at events and institutions


That’s about it. I hope you find value for your time. And if you have thoughts/feedback then you can always write to me at

Keep walking,
Prasant Naidu

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