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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Long Island Aquarium.

Thank you for submitting your internship application to the Long Island Aquarium. Our staff will review your application and contact you if an internship opportunity is available.

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Thomas
Email Address: @
Home Address: 210 Langham Road
Primary Phone: Jon
Secondary Phone: Jon
School: Jon
School Address: 191 Langham Road
Major: Jon
Minor: Jon
Anticipated Year of Graduation: Jon
Which semester are you applying for?: SPR
Anticipated Start Date: Jon
Anticipated End Date: Jon
What will your school status be at the anticipated start date? : Junior
What positions are you applying for? Check all that apply to you.: Aquaculture Assistant ,Aquarist Assistant ,Culinary Arts Assistant ,Data Collection Assistant (summer only) ,Education Assistant ,Entomology,Mammal Assistant ,Marketing Assistant


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Artistry Assistant
Aquaculture Assistant
Aquarist Assistant
Culinary Arts Assistant
Data Collection Assistant (summer only)
Education Assistant
Mammal Assistant
Marketing Assistant
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  checklist Artistry Assistant
  checklist Aquaculture Assistant
  checklist Aquarist Assistant
  checklist Culinary Arts Assistant
  checklist Data Collection Assistant (summer only)
  checklist Education Assistant
  checklist Entomology
  checklist Mammal Assistant
  checklist Marketing Assistant

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