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We're so excited to meet you and to introduce you to the whole team -
Welcome to the Madsen family

Thank you for dropping by - We're so thrilled to welcome you to the MADSEN family.

Please meet the team: Jared, Lisa, and, of course, Evan, Cooper and Meg, our 18, 16 and 12-year-old children. And our dog, Mocha. Without them, the MADSEN bucket bike you know today wouldn't exist...

Twelve years ago, we were all goofing around in the garden one sunny afternoon. Suddenly, Jared had the genius idea to strap a wheelbarrow to the back of a bike and lug the children around the neighborhood.
We all had a blast!

That night, Jared spent hours in his shop, cutting up bikes and welding parts together. Our family woke up the next morning to admire the first MADSEN bucket bike prototype.
Jared and his mother on the first prototype
Jared pedaling his mother around the block in our first prototype. We soon switched the bucket to the back to increase stability and ease.
The truth is the idea had been slowly growing for some time. Jared, an entrepreneur at heart, has always been passionate about bicycles. He worked in a bike store at age 15. He built motorbikes in Korea, Taiwan, and China. He lived in the Netherlands before we got married (the land where bicycles are king). And his family is Danish (the Danes know their bikes).

Ever since that afternoon wheelbarrow experience, we've been improving on the initial concept. Today, we bring you the most beautifully designed, meticulously engineered, safe, practical, and, of course, FUN family bucket bike. We also recently added the bucket bike with electric assist option - the E-MADSEN. It's added a whole new level of fun and utility to our already-loved cargo bike.

We wish your family a bucket load of beautiful MADSEN biking experiences as you get outside and make memories! Thank you for being part of our story and Welcome to the MADSEN Movement!
Jared and Lisa Madsen
Jared & Lisa Madsen
We included a few photos of us building what came to be the beautiful MADSEN bucket bike you see today.
We hope you enjoy these!
Jared is putting together a MADSEN in the workshop
Playing with the kids in the workshop and showing everyone around
The kids sitting in the first bucket made of wood planks
Jared tuning up a bike
Jared at his tools
Meg is hanging out in the new Soft Top Cover - loving it!
Jared is so good at building things! - even Sand Castles
Riding around in the neighborhood with all the kids
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