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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Mavenlink.

We know that using a new tool can be intimidating...
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Getting Started With Projects

Welcome to Mavenlink!

We know that using a new tool can be intimidating. Fortunately,
Mavenlink Teams is user-friendly and easy to learn. To help you get started, we put together a short lesson. Follow along and you’ll be a Mavenlink power user in no time flat.


What is a "Project"

In Mavenlink, a Project is an organized space where you can communicate with team members, share assets, outline tasks, and plan a timeline.

Keeping things


As you start creating projects in Mavenlink, it’s
important to think about what a “project” means 
to you and your team.

Each project represents a specific 
effort, team, and timeline. You can have as many or as few projects as you like.

Talk to your team about how you want to keep your projects organized to ensure that everyone
is informed and on task. Doing so will help everyone 
get accustomed to using the software even faster and make ongoing project management easier.


Grouping Your Projects

Groups allow you to organize your projects and quickly drill down into the
particular department, client, or project you are looking for. Projects 
can live in more than one Group, so it might be helpful to consider how you
plan to organize them for your unique business environment.

Grouping Projects GIF

Get a

Bird's Eye View

Make sure to utilize many of the different project views available to help keep track of your team’s progress and overall project progress. Here are your options:

Project List Project Grid Activity Feed

Navigate to Project Lists in the left-hand navigation to see groups and monitor priorities.

Use the grid icon in your project list view to see all active projects and upcoming tasks.

Use your Activity Feed to view your upcoming tasks and recent activity across all your projects.


You can set any page in Mavenlink as your homepage. Simply go to the page that matters most to you and hover over the company logo to set it. You can use this feature to stay focused on the most important view of your projects.



Learn to archive your projects once they are complete — you can do this in the settings section of individual projects. Archiving will hide the project and its tasks from your default view while saving your data in case you need it later. Removing outdated items regularly will make it easier to keep track of your active projects and upcoming tasks.

Project Settings

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