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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to maxkravmaga.

Hi Jackson, 

Congratulations on becoming a member of MaxKravMaga!  I am confident that you will gain a tremendous amount of Krav Maga knowledge through my program and wish you safe and fruitful training.

I would greatly appreciate your help with the following:

We recently lost all of our forum history when we moved MaxKravMaga to the new and improved system.

Our goal is to get the forums back to the level they were at before the move.. if you can go to the forums and start a new topic that would be very helpful.

You can ask a question, give some insight or just share your thoughts. This will help us get the forums going again.

The forums can be accessed from the members home page or you can go directly with this link:

Thank you for your help with this Jackson, I appreciate it.

All the best,

364 East Main St.
Middletown Delaware 19709

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