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Informationen für Patienten, Angehörige und Gesundheitsbewusste
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Free information, offers and everyday aids in full use In the specialized trade portal you find professional support for marketing and press work in the medical supply house. In addition, documents for sales support are available. In addition: specialist information, ideas for product presentation, downloadable images, service materials and much more. This service is free of charge for you. In order to take full advantage of the medi trade portal, please register by filling out the following fields. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Please make sure your pass word is case-sensitive. Create a new user

Subscribe to the medi post online as a free newsletter You can expect that: Tips on what to do with vein problems News about products Interesting facts about diagnosis & therapy Confirm your subscri ption Thank you for your interest in medi post online. Your email inbox now has a message from us. Please confirm your registration for medi post online by clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail.

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