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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Mercy For Animals.

Help fund our vital work.

Your Impact For Animals
“When I worked at a dairy farm, I remember seeing babies taken from their mothers within hours. I remember the mother cows bellowing and chasing after their babies.”
—Former Mercy For Animals Investigator
Dear Noah,

Calves trapped in California’s dairy industry will never have names. They will never lie down on soft grass under the sun. They will never feel human compassion.

In newly released footage, our drones expose the heartbreaking life of baby cows.
Donate Today
Your Impact For Animals

Shortly after birth, calves are ripped away from their mothers.

Female calves are put into hutches where they can barely turn around or take even a few steps. They will eventually endure repeated pregnancies and the trauma of losing their own calves—over and over.

With national media coverage of the investigation, our drone footage has already surpassed a million views.

Previous Mercy For Animals exposés have also pulled back the curtain hiding an industry fraught with cruelty toward calves and mother cows.

At the largest dairy farm in Canada, Mercy For Animals whistleblowers uncovered cows hoisted from tractors with chains wrapped around their necks.

In one clip, a worker punches a hanging cow in the face and yells, “Woohoo, leave her like that.”

One cow is repeatedly hit with a cane while another cow, injured and unable to walk, is kicked in the face.
Your Impact For Animals

Thanks to a brave Mercy For Animals whistleblower—and all our supporters—workers at this facility were sentenced to jail for animal abuse. The convictions mark the first time in Canadian history that factory farm workers received a jail sentence after an exposé by an animal protection organization.

Noah, we need to keep the pressure on in 2020, for mother cows, their babies, and all animals suffering in factory farms. Will you help?
Your Impact For Animals

Take a stand against animal abuse.

Our year-end match campaign is one of the most effective ways to stretch your donation to support our work to help farmed animals around the world.

Donate today and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.
Leah Garcés
8033 SUNSET BLVD, SUITE 864 | LOS ANGELES, CA 90046 | 866.632.6446
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