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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to MyNewsletterBuilder.

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for signing up for MyNewsletterBuilder!
Username: eight42296
Email: eight42296@
Click here to verify your email address…
Verify Email Address
After you verify and your account information has been reviewed, you will have full access to MyNewsletterBuilder email marketing software. You will receive an email when this process has been completed.
During your Free Trial you will be able to send and track emails up to 250 subscribers. You may Upgrade Your Account to send more emails at anytime.
We’re here to help you get started! We look forward to helping you click, send, and track your way to email marketing success!
The MyNewsletterBuilder Team
phone:  828-774-5639, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EDT
Getting started is easy with MyNewsletterBuilder. Login with your username and password.
Click here to log in :
1. Add email addresses to your account by navigating to My Subscribers > Add Subscribers. A “General Category” has been created for you. For special lists, you can create additional Subscriber Categories (email lists) by typing a Name and clicking the New Category button. If you have your own opt-in newsletter subscribers from another service, you can add these subscribers to a new category using any of the four methods provided.
2. Create an email newsletter by navigating to Home or My Newsletters and click the green Create Newsletter button or the blue Create Audio/Video button…
Create Newsletter  Create Audio-Video Newsletter
You will see approximately 100 template options including email newsletter templates built for audio-video email content.
Click on a template image to see an example newsletter created using each template. You will be able to add colors, text, and images to any template you select.
Once you have selected a template, follow the on-screen directions and click Next to save and continue. Click the Preview button in the Content Editor as you work to see your results and email yourself preview copies of your newsletter.
When your newsletter is ready to send, click Done under the last step, Review. This will return you to My Newsletters > Newsletter Drafts. Click the Preview icon Preview next to your saved newsletter to double-check your work before Sending.
3. Send your email newsletter by navigating to My Newsletters > Newsletter Drafts and click the Send button next to your saved newsletter. Choose your Scheduling Options, select your Subscriber Categories, and click the Schedule button. Use Smart Send to avoid Internet Gridlock during high traffic periods.
4. Track your newsletter open rates, click rates, and other statistics in real time through My Reports > Newsletters. You will receive an email notice when your newsletter has been sent and your newsletter will be moved to My Newsletters > Sent Newsletters.
5. Publish your newsletter by navigating to My Newsletters > All Newsletters and clicking the Publish icon Publish next to your newsletter.
Complete three easy steps to make your newsletter available to search engines and new subscribers.
Note: We do not allow the use of purchased, shared and borrowed lists.
To allow visitors to your online profiles and websites to join your email lists, you’ll want to add an HTML Signup Box to each page. This is one of the best ways to build your long-term subscriber lists and online traffic, turning casual website and profile visitors into returning customers by collecting email addresses and allowing you to deliver the best of the web directly to subscribers’ in-boxes using MyNewsletterBuilder’s rich content tools.
You can build the HTML code for an HTML Signup Box instantly by clicking on the blue Create Signup Box button featured under My Quick Links when you log in to your account.
Create Signup Box
Copy the HTML code you generate in the Signup Builder. Paste this HTML code into your online profiles and web pages or send this HTML code to the person who maintains your web pages and online profile pages.
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