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“Membership in NACD gives us perspective, and confidence to work effectively as a TEAM.”
- Norm Augustine, Chair and CEO (Ret.), Lockheed Martin


In today’s high-stakes, volatile business environment, everyone around the boardroom table needs to operate at the top of their game. The board needs to function flawlessly and in sync. That’s why NACD is committed to helping your FULL BOARD to continuously improve their performance, effectiveness, and strategic awareness.

Starting today through November 15, new Full-Board members will receive a 20 percent discount on their first year of Full-Board Membership dues AND complimentary access to TWO new Virtual Learning courses—Director Essentials: Risk Oversight and The Art of Directorship: Strategy and Long-Term Value Creation.

Join Today & Save

To learn more about how we can help your board to be the best board they can be, email or call us directly at 571-367-3708.

Warm Regards,

Matt Barone


Full-Board Members also have access to exclusive benefits:

An NACD Board Advisor
dedicated to helping you to create a personal education plan

An unparalleled network of more than 20,000 directors
ranging from the most innovative start-ups to the F1000

Cutting-edge research, real-world insights, and in-depth analysis
on today’s most critical issues, curated for each role on the board

Exclusive savings
on world-class national courses and events

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