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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to 2020, we’re really excited about what the new year brings, not the least of which is a trip to Boston to see some fans!

Project Witchstone @ PAX East 2020

That’s right, Spearhead is hitting the road and heading south to Boston for PAX East. We skipped out on PAX South this year to focus on Project Witchstone, but with how great it is to see people play our games hands on, you know we had to go. We’ll be bringing our show-exclusive Witchstone Demo, and are really looking forward to getting more in-person impressions of the project from fans and media.

If you’re attending PAX East, we’ll be at booth #8026, we’re on the leftmost wall of the con floor right next to the Team 17 booth. Here’s a handy map to guide your quest:

Attendees who play the Witchstone demo and sign up to this newsletter shall receive 1 free Steam key for either Stories: The Path of Destinies or Omensight. Please tell your friends about this very special offer!

Also, we will be selling our previous Pinny Arcade pins at the booth! Get them while supplies last!

And the Survey Says...

In our previous newsletter, we asked about the kind of story and worldbuilding that engaged you the most.

And the overwhelming majority of respondents answered... In Video Games!

Thank you for participating in our survey and giving us a better idea on the narrative and overall direction of Project Witchstone. We will keep poking you all with our questions, so stay tuned!

A Few Words about the Kickstarter Campaign

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much talk about the Kickstarter, so we’re here to tell you the good news. After sitting down as a team to figure out how we want for Witchstone, we decided that the only way to go is to make sure we’re putting the quality of the game above hitting a date.

We wanted to take our time on the project, and felt like if we moved into the Kickstarter phase as originally planned for early this year, we weren’t going to feel confident about the state of the game and our ability to deliver all of the awesome systems and dynamic gameplay on that timeline. So instead of rushing, we’re taking the time that we need to make Witchstone the game we know it can be before we go to any manner of Kickstarter.
You’re probably asking what does this mean for you the player? Well the biggest thing is that you can feel confident that when we’re ready to Kickstart, we’re at a place where we are comfortable with all of the core systems and gameplay, and are sure they will deliver the experience we’re promising. Instead of rushing to hit a date and possibly running into timeline problems afterward, we’re taking the time beforehand to really iron out the wrinkles in all of the systems before bringing it to the fans at all.

We appreciate all of you, and all of your support over the years, so we wanted to be responsible and smart about how we go about working on our games out of respect for our fans. We want to make sure that when we tell you it’s going to be great, it’s going to be GREAT!

Witchstone Production Update

It's been a very productive month since our return from the holidays. The game is coming together nicely.
For this newsletter, I'd like to highlight what we call Milestones. In Project Witchstone, Milestones are major world-changing events that happen based on the player's previous actions and the current state of the in-game world. Murdered almost everyone in multiple towns and helped some cultists move into those empty towns? A Milestone about the cultists raising an undead army and going for world domination would trigger. Do you join them or fight them at this point?

Milestones are also used as act (or chapter) changes. The stake of what the player has to do is upped when Milestones are reached. We want to make sure that fetch quests aren't as prevalent when an external invasion is underway :)

Of course, the fun part is adding as many Milestones as possible to cover gameplay styles, repeated actions, chain of actions, etc. This is where your feedback and requests will come in handy!

What's Next for Spearhead Games?

Now that the majority of the core systems are in place (dialogue, quests, combat, event tracker, etc.), the whole team is moving ahead with creating content for the game!

We can't wait to show you our progress on Project Witchstone in the next newsletter.
As always, stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

If you haven't already done so, please help us out by adding Project Witchstone to your Steam wishlist.

Hope to see you in Boston! Take care!
Phil from Spearhead Games (@philiptam)
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