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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to OutSavvy.

Welcome to OutSavvy


Thank you for registering a free account on OutSavvy.
We are thrilled you have chosen OutSavvy as your ticket platform!

OutSavvy is the complete ticket management solution at the lowest ticket fees (no fees on free tickets, charity discounts) and quickest payout for inclusive events around the UK such as Pride events, drag shows, club nights, charity events and more.

Create Event
Use OutSavvy as a primary ticket platform and your event will be published to the OutSavvy app and website, exposing your event for free to the OutSavvy community (terms apply).

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OutSavvy Support

If you have any questions please check our Support page here or contact us on our Contact page here.

See below instructions to set up your first event on OutSavvy.

Manage Account

set up your organiser page / manage how you receive emails from OutSavvy / add and manage account users / set up a Facebook ticket shop

Create Event

one simple form / start selling within minutes / save and preview events / the event and ticket link go live immediately after publishing the event

Event Dashboard

(live after publishing an event)
real time sales statistics / edit (or cancel) the event, dates and tickets / promote the event including email invitations, widgets and affiliate campaigns / manage guests and orders including refunds and re-sending confirmation emails / track event statistics and download event reports

OutSavvy Dash
manage your event on the OutSavvy partner app including quick ticket scanning, mobile ticket selling and real time sales statistics / available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Event Payment
(paid tickets only, no fees on free tickets)
no hidden fees / securely add and manage your bank details on the event Dashboard Event Payment (future events will automatically copy your bank details) / full event payment within 5 working days after the event has taken place   |
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