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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to pipeline awareness.

Dear Ms. Nelson,


Thank you for your interest in the ISEPA application.   


Our policies only permit us to grant access to government officials and local emergency response agencies for emergency planning purposes.  Because you are not one of these entities, you should get access through one of our member pipeline companies or provide additional specific information about your purposes before we can grant you access.  If we receive this additional information from you, we may reconsider your request. 


The free Public Map Viewer in the National Pipeline Mapping System may provide the information you are looking for.  The web URL is:  


If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly. 




Sally Fossum

Pipeline Association for Public Awareness

(952) 920-8128


From: ISEPA <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 12:37 AM
To: Pipeline Association <>
Cc: Pipeline Association <>
Subject: ISEPA Login Credentials Request


A new user has requested ISEPA Login Credentials.

  • Agency_Name: Jon
  • Email: @
  • First_Name: Abigail
  • Last_Name: Nelson
  • Title: Mr
  • Address: 237 Langham Road
  • City: London
  • State: MT
  • County: null
  • ZIP: 90275
  • Phone_Number: 7967032509
  • Valid: U
  • FIPS:
  • Agreement: Mark
  • Comments: Jon
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