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Webinars to Help You Organize, Prioritize, and Focus!
Learn the benefits of effective planning. How to find your purpose, create a weekly plan, use your vision board, and execute effectively with daily planning.
Mondays 9 am – 10 am (MT)
Learn the basics of account setup, how to use our software, and how to get the most out of PlanPlus Online—no matter which edition you’re using!
Tuesdays 9 am – 10 am (MT)
Get your sync connections up and running. See step-by-step how to get syncing with all ​of your devices!
Wednesdays 11 am – Noon (MT)

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  checklist PlanPlus Online - Essentials
  checklist PlanPlus Online - Professional
  checklist PlanPlus Online - Busines
  checklist PlanPlus Mobile - iOS Device
  checklist PlanPlus Mobile - Android Device
  checklist PlanPlus to Google - Cloud Connector
  checklist PlanPlus to MS365 - Cloud Connector
  checklist PlanPlus to MS Exchange- Cloud Connector
  checklist PlanPlus Online Outlook Desktop Sync
  checklist Not sure
  checklist PlanPlus Mobile - 2nd iOS Device
  checklist MS365
  checklist MS Exchange (Custom Domain)
  checklist MS Outlook (Windows Desktop Installed)
  checklist Google
  checklist ICloud
  checklist Something Else
  checklist Authentication Issue
  checklist App Crash
  checklist Some field missing in record
  checklist Some Records Missing
  checklist Duplicate Data
  checklist Appointments at wrong time
  checklist Nothing syncs
  checklist Affecting Contacts
  checklist Affecting Appts
  checklist Affecting Tasks
  checklist Using 2+ sync connectors

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