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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to QI Macros.

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qimacros-logoCollapse the Six Sigma Learning Curve
Email 1 of 5 - Download and install the free QI Macros trial
Jay with flip chart and capability suite - 560.png

Dear Jon,

Hi, I'm Jay Arthur, and thank you for signing up for a free trial of QI Macros! I first created this software more than 20 years ago to help me. I hope that QI Macros is able to help you as well.

Downloading and Installing QI Macros, and What's Next:

Nobody reads instruction manuals, right? That includes me, by the way...

Knowing that fact, I've broken this down into a series of 5 emails that will:
     1 - Help you to get the software downloaded and installed (that's this email),
     2 - Help you run your first control chart, and then
     3, 4, and 5 - Introduce you to a few powerful tools and helpful tricks hidden inside.

Does that make sense?

So just for today, let's make sure you get the software downloaded and installed. There's detailed instructions and links in the section below.

In tomorrow's email, I'm going to show you the reason that statisticians hate me: With QI Macros, you can do something that statisticians had to take years of schooling to learn... and it's a skill they had to spend thousands of dollars to acquire.

And you can do it with QI Macros software in about two seconds... for FREE.

Yes, I'm serious. Free.

How does that sound?

   - Jay (Your New Guide to Rapid Improvement) Arthur

Look for the next email tomorrow - the subject line is "The day I hacked the decision tree."

Today's task: Downloading and installing the trial

1. Click the button below to go to the web page to download your installer.




2. Choose the installer you need on that page (PC or Mac) and follow the instructions listed below it:

Trial Download page instructions 560x247.png

3. When the installer finishes, you should see this message (PC users / Mac users):

Success 250X172.png       success mac 250x186.png

4. Click the button to finish the installation. When Excel starts, you should see QI Macros listed on the Excel ribbon, as shown in the image below. 

tutorial 560x380.png

That's it! You should be all set and your trial version of QI Macros should be installed. (If you still don't see the QI Macros listed on your Excel ribbon, you can click HERE to see if you can solve the problem via our FAQ page, or you can send an email to and one of our support techs will get in touch with you and try to troubleshoot the problem.

Don't forget... Look for tomorrow's email - the subject line will be "The day I hacked the decision tree."

KnowWare International Inc 
2696 S Colorado Blvd. Ste 555 
Denver CO 80222
888-468-1537      303-756-9144 

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