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You just took the first step toward making history!

You are now participating in two important processes represent and redefine Black male identity in America.

A healing dialogue

By watching the questions and honest answers of the self-identified Black men on this site, you witness a living archive of a conversation that reveals what's on the minds and hearts of Black men in America.

Mapping identity

By viewing the words that Black men feel define them, you have witnessed the first group-generated identity map of Black men in America. By creating your own profile, you have laid the foundation for the next phase of, a universal platform for any user to start a dialogue and identity map for any of their identity groups.

With the democratization of technology and new social media tools, individuals and groups can finally represent themselves in their own terms and voice. We may find this project affirms stereotypes or that it debunks them. Or, we may find this campaign exposes a level of diversity that challenges the very notion of defining any group at all. Regardless of what it reveals, a comprehensive and authentic representation of that group will exist.

Now for the next steps in furthering this campaign

  • Step 1 - Watch other people's videos and #tag them with theme words.
  • Step 2 - Create playlists of your favorite conversations and share them with their friends and family.
  • Step 3 - Ask other people to participate in the following ways:
    • ? Explore the content on the site.
    • ? Create a Fingerprint profile.
    • ? View videos and #tag theme words.
    • ? Create a playlist of their favorite conversations and share it with friends
    • ? Contribute question and answer videos (only available to self-identified Black males at this time)

You can update your profile settings and see more at

With Gratitude,
The Question Bridge Team

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