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"My son adores the sessions through Reading Kingdom. Every night since his sign up he asks "When do my sessions start?" Here my unruly 7 year old who usually I fight tooth and nail to get to do his regular homework WANTS to hop online and start the newest session of Reading Kingdom. By the second night, he was comfortable with the program and the keyboard and actually argued with me that he wanted to go to start the next one instead of calling it a night. He doesn't even realize he is learning, he thinks it's an interactive game. Of course, I'm not going to tell him any different." - Hattie Ramos Bruner, Reading Kingdom parent

Top 5 tips for the best ways to read to your children:
  1. Select books that you know your child will find appealing.
  2. Have the reading time be one of comfort and intimacy –with your child snuggled up against you, feeling comfort and acceptance.
  3. Do not ask questions. Questions are like tests and they do not bring out the best in anyone. Try and speak in comment form and create an atmosphere where your child feels free to express any and all of his or her thoughts on the material.
  4. Try to supply the background for the book (e.g., the Revolutionary War; the Colonial  Period, etc.) Spend some time on the internet with your child researching the topic so that it becomes alive for him or her.  Movie clips on YouTube are great for providing this sort of information.
  5. Unless he or she is interested, do not insist on your child “sharing” the reading by having him or her read aloud. And if your child wants to stop the reading, then do not persist with it. This is his or her time and it should be one of total  pleasure.
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